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This time construction field, reliable and efficient access to a good product and services  has become an important asset in the quest to achieve a competitive advantage.Time saving and environmental disaster  have given way to always pursuit the most advanced Technology to manage this field in a responsible way.

That is why, we, at AEC Libya will endlessly endear you to be the pioneers of raising construction standards. Through consistent activities with our responsibilities to our shareholders, customers, employees and the public and our concern for the optimum development and utilization of resources .


The basic purpose of Advanced Environment Company for Construction (AEC LIBYA) is to provide Advanced and high quality services and products bringing out the best cost effective ratio in favor Of both company and customers.

We believe that we laid the cornerstone for our long-term success by providing to the customers the most advanced and reliable products and services available.

We also believe that we will be able to proudly

participate in the economical and social growth of Libya.

We are proud to be a Libyan company having the potential

and confidence in our abilities to conduct and provide a qualitative works in all project phases.

Dr. Mahmud Faraj El-Kowafi

Chairman of the Board of Directors


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The Company has its main registered office located at
AL HADBA AL KHADRA, near Salah Eldin Hospital Entrance

Tel.: (+218) 21 491 7761/64
Fax: 21 491 7727
P.O. Box: 80012
E-mail: info@aec.ly

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