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partnership order to undertakes its business and management properly, the Company has element from different specializations with long experience in nadministrative, financial and engineering fields as well as skilful technicians for management and maintenance of the modern machinery.
The company employ foreign element as well as national element. Moreover, it contracts with several other elements for certain services or given works.

Key partnership: NAVTEC A.G Company,
Vermeer Steinbrueck Export GMBH



Vermeer  Steinbrueck Export Gmbh


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طريق صلاح الدين قصر بن غشير
/مدخل مستشفى صلاح الدين
طرابلس، ليبيا

Tel.: (+218) 21 491 7761/64
Fax: 21 491 7727
P.O. Box: 80012

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