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About us

Advanced Environment Company for construction (AEC LIBYA) is a privately owned company set up between a foreign (German) investor and Libyan investors under the provisions of Law 5 of 1996 encouraging foreign capital investment, amendment and executive regulation pursuant to the resolution of General Secretary People’s Committee of Economy and Commerce No. 489 of 2005 dated on July, 7th 2005

It was regulated in the investment registry on March, 7th 2006.

The Company mainly depends on modern technology in earthwork and related operations using high performance machinery for more efficiency on

  • Work speed and quality compared to traditional excavation method
  • Preserving environment by reducing environmental damages 

Contact us

The Company has its main registered office located at
AL HADBA AL KHADRA, near Salah Eldin Hospital Entrance

Tel.: (+218) 21 491 7761/64
Fax: 21 491 7727
P.O. Box: 80012

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