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Communication is an operational unit having the company strategic focuses in order to build Next Generation Networks or improve traditional ones



Traditional back bone Networks:

  • Telephone/ PABX installations
  • Copper Networks Planning
  • Civil works (digging and manufacture of concrete units)
  • Pulling works (pulling-in and out cables)
  • Installation works
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of the local existing networks


Next Generation Network NGN:


  • Backbone Fiber Optic Services
  • Fast Link Fiber Optic System
  • Fiber To The Home Services (FTTH)
  • Fiber To The Building Services (FTTB)

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The Company has its main registered office located at
AL HADBA AL KHADRA, near Salah Eldin Hospital Entrance

Tel.: (+218) 21 491 7761/64
Fax: 21 491 7727
P.O. Box: 80012

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