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The customer always expect great after-sale services. The ability to easily interact with a service provider has always been one of customer’s priority that is why We, always try to establish a very close cooperation with our customer in order to achieve an exceptional level of customer care service.


Goals we aim to achieve

Build long term relationship with all our clients, based on loyalty, integrity, cost effective and timely engineering product.

All our projects, as far as is possible and with customers consultation, would have to be designed and implemented in such a way that customers needs have to be satisfy.

Project documentation should be as simple as possible to enable contractors and laborers to easily do the work.


Contact us

The Company has its main registered office located at
AL HADBA AL KHADRA, near Salah Eldin Hospital Entrance

Tel.: (+218) 21 491 7761/64
Fax: 21 491 7727
P.O. Box: 80012

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partnership order to undertakes its business and management properly, the Company has element from different specializations with long experience in